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Who We Are
New Perspectives was founded in 1991 as a multi-racial ensemble dedicated to using theatre as an agent for positive social change. Our mission is to 1) develop and present new plays and playwrights, particularly women and people of color, 2) present classic plays in a style that sheds new light on our lives and work, and 3) present theatre to under-served audiences-especially young people and communities in need--to build life skills and promote participation in our society.

Artistically, we are interested in returning theatre to its ancient role of gathering the community to examine social, political and spiritual issues that affect us as individuals and as a whole. Our emphasis on multi-racial casting and the development of new works by women and writers of color is an attempt to bring to that examination a range of voices that reflect the true diversity of contemporary America. Our aim is not to exclude, but to cast a wider net.

What We Do

  • We develop and present new plays and playwrights, particularly women and people of color.
  • We present classic or previously-produced plays in a style that speaks to issues confronting comtemporary American audiences.
  • We use the tools of the theatrical trade to help young people develop the communication, observation and literacy skills necessary for healthy development and to help educators improve and extend students' learning experiences.
  • We work to foster positive interaction between people of different backgrounds, and offer alternative examples that focus on our commonality instead of our differences.
  • We are a vital community resource, serving people who are discouraged from attending traditional theatre by price and subject matter, and providing resources and support to educators and community service providers in improving the lives of their constituents.

In all of our work, we seek to share our vision of a united future, in which differences, particularly racial or ethnic, are seen as added flavor to the melting pot and not as unwanted or unnecessary ingredients.

In its 25-year history, NPTC has

  • served more than 30,000 public school students and hundreds of teachers
  • mounted 75 mainstage productions (40 original plays, 4 US Premieres, 5 NY Premieres, 2 OOBR Awards, 2 AUDELCO Awards, 1 "Best Plays" citation from Backstage, 1 Princess Grace Finalist)
  • provided 56 Women's Work residencies
  • presented 78 new works by African American writers and performers
  • been a pioneer in multi-racial and non-traditional casting, working with over 70 artists per year
  • been named by the NY Foundation for the Arts as a “Community Asset”
  • been named “Person of the Year” by NY Theatre Experience as co-founders of 50/50 in 2020: Parity for Women Theatre Artists