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"Shakespeare Bootcamp" was everything good theater training should be:  stimulating, collaborative, interactive, and scholarly.  I loved having the opportunity to direct professional actors and to see scenes done by other participants."  Carrie Landau, Drama Teacher, Yung Wing School, P.S. 124
"The best compliment I can give is: I have never wanted to direct Shakespeare since I didn't really understand what all the fuss was about - now I do!!!  Melody is an excellent teacher; is obviously in love with her subject as well as being an absolute wealth of information and experience!"  Ludovica Villar-Hauser; Director/Dramaturg

"A real hands-on approach in learning and directing scenes from the First Folio. Plenty of source material is introduced - and Ms. Brooks is an abundant source herself!"  Patricia McNamara, Director, Shakespeare NYC

Spring 2008

February 24 - April 13, 2008

Now Offering Professional Development Credit for NYC Public School Teachers!

NPT is its exciting program for directors and educators interested in strengthening their approach to mounting effective and engaging productions of the Shakespeare canon.  New Perspectives has received critical and popular acclaim for its innovative productions of several of of these plays over the last 16 years, and has developed a distinctive approach that is grounded in the text, but creates highly physical, interactive and exciting performances.  Now, NPT is offering a workshop program to promote this technique to other industry professionals.  Conducted by NPT’s founder and artistic director, Melody Brooks, the program takes place in six, 4-hour sessions. Workshops are scheduled on consecutive Sundays, from 11am to 3pm, with breaks between the 4th & 5th sessions and between the 5th & 6th, for participants to rehearse with their actors.

Session 1:  Its All in the Text!

A review of what participants know about basic text analysis methods and Shakespeare’s world.  Also a look at what Shakespeare’s audiences knew that we don’t, including understanding Elizabethan theatrical conventions. Additional textual analysis will focus on Patrick Tucker's work with the First Folio. (2/24/08)

"The Shakespeare Bootcamp gave me concrete tools to use in helping actors and students understand and deliver the text. Much very useful source material was given."  Petronia Paley, Director/Drama Teacher

Session 2:  Historical and Source Material

An examination of how the historical setting and source material for the plays deepens our understanding of the multiple layers of meaning contained in them.  Two plays (Romeo & Juliet, Othello ) will be analyzed in depth from this perspective.  Source material will be distributed prior to the workshop and First Folio versions of the plays will be emailed to participants. (3/2/08)

"The  Bootcamp provides an unusual opportunity for directors to learn from each other and to open up a dialogue on approaching these most complex and multi-layered plays. "  John Hudson, Dramaturg, The Dark Lady Players

Session 3: Putting the Information to Work

Selection of short scenes from Othello or Romeo & Juliet for directing practicum, with preliminary research shared. Participants do “table work” on their scenes, with help from fellow Bootcampers serving as actors and providing feedback. (3/9/08)


Session 4:  Rehearsing with Cue Scripts

Directors and actors build on the text analysis and experiment with Cue Script techniques that can influence blocking, "moment-to-moment" play between actors, and communicating with the audience.  A fuller understanding of potential choices emerges, in preparation for rehearsal sessions with actors. A two-week break is provided for participants to work with actors on chosen scenes. (3/16/08)

BREAK for Practical Work on Scenes

Session 5:  Getting the Text on its Feet

Participants showcase their work with actors on their chosen text in an “open rehearsal”, applying the techniques and approaches learned in the Bootcamp.  Feedback from the workshop leader and other participants helps to strenghten directing choices and aid in understanding textual options.  Directors may bring their own actors, or work with those provided by the Bootcamp. A two-week break is provided for participants tocontinue the work with actors based on feedback from session 5. (3/30/08)

BREAK for Practical Work on Scenes

Session 6:  Putting it All Together

Directors present their scenes, with actors off book, fully blocked and where possible, with costumes and props.  Fellow directors critique and analyze the choices, in the context of expressed goals.  (4/13/08)



Directors Applying for Participation:  send

  • a cover letter explaining your previous experience with and approach to directing Shakespeare’s plays, along with your individual goals for participation
  • a resume that includes all relevant education and training

EDUCATORS who have not directed Shakespeare but teach students of all ages are also eligible to apply. Please explain how you hope to use the Bootcamp experience in your teaching. To register for "P" Credit, teachers need to sign up for the course with the Department of Education.

Interviews will be required for finalists.  DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION:   FEBRUARY 8, 2008