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    Thanks To All Those Who Donated Between Feb 15 and May 31!

    (over 150 individuals and organizations)


    Pat Addiss, Keith Adkins, Stephen Adler, Amanda Allen, Rosemary Atkinson, Melissa Attebery, Teresa Augello, Debora Balardini, Rick Balian, Banana Boat Productions, Marie Barbieri, Robert Binstock, Benjamin Binstock, Bill Blechingberg, Celia Braxton, Lee Brewer, Catharine Burt, Patricia Cardona, Joan Castagnone, Charlotte Colavin, Jennie Contuzzi, Kate Dale, Kimberley Damokosh, Cheryl Davis, Elizabeth Devito, Ron Domingo, Val Ellicott, Daniel Elser, Lindsay Ericson, Paula Ewin, Teresa Fischer, Anne Fizzard, Debra Fogel, Peter Fogel, Steve Foreht, Fengar Gael, Helene Galek, The George Family, DeAnna Gonzalez, Mary Goodley, Ginger Grace, Stephen Grace, Gloria Greenidge, Catharine Guiher, Dean Haglin, Jill Hamilton, Mari Lyn Henry, Holly Hepp-Galavin, Meredith Hertlein, Carol Hickey, Lee Hickey, Matt Hickey, Richard Holbrooks, Ashley Holmes, Sharon Hope, Carly Hosford-Israel, Lee Hunkins, Arnold Insinnia, Colleen Jasinski, Jack Kaplan, Connie Koepfinger, Lisa Kohn, Maryrose Leggio, Joyce Liao, Katt Lissard, Margit Livingston, Denise Lock, William Lucero, Hjordys Matos, Amanda Maud, Daniel McKinnon, Susan Meyer, Michele Miller, Kim Morris, Charles Morrow, Margaret Noble, Parity Productions, Sandra Parris, Marcia Brooks-Pooler, Nadhege Ptah, Pulse Theatre Ensemble, Joanne Riggs, Maureen Riggs, Merlina Rich, Molly Richter, Alexis Roblan, Betty Rosenstock, Parity Productions, Patricia Ryan, William Samuels, Isabella Schiller, Susan Schwartzwalder, Mary Sheridan, Ana Silva, Peter Smith, Society for the Preservation of Theatrical History, Christine Souders, George Stephenson, Jenny Lynn Stewart. Joyce Sylvester, Joseph Thomas, Jeffery Thompson, Kathy Towson, Barbara Valente, Ludovica Villar-Hauser, Michael Wright, Rhonda Zapatka, Clare Zeirhut, Marsha Zeitlin, Benny Zimmerman, and MANY Anonymous friends.

    We strive to keep our list of donors accurate and up-to-date. If we have missed anyone, please let us know!

    IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO DONATE! Our 26th SEASON starts July 1,

    and we continue to need support!


    • Two puppet shows in Inwood Park on July 24th and 31st, FREE to all!
    • UNHINGED, the Women's Work Short Play Festival, August 7-12, 12 performances in 2 programs
    • A return visit to Bogotá with THE RITUAL in the WOMEN ON STAGE FOR PEACE FESTIVAL August 17-21
    • Quarterly ON HER SHOULDERS events (Sept., Dec., March, and June) at The New School
    • A reprise of our popular production of THE RITUAL in September (after we return with the cast from Bogotá
    • Our continued quest to bring JIHAD, The Play to Off Broadway!

    And here is what we were able to do with the donations from folks listed above!

    • Table readings of six new scripts from the Women's Work Short Play LAB, in preparation for rehearsal and production this summer. 15 actors lent their talents for a full day of readings and discussion on June 11th!
    • ON HER SHOULDERS programming, with a staged reading of works by African American writer May Miller on March 8th, a very special event--RADICAL VOICES, THEN AND NOW on April 3rd, and a staged reading of works by modernist Djuna Barnes on June 7th, all at the New School.
    • The publication of ON HER SHOULDERS essays, introducing 30 plays from 26 female playwrights, covering the years 1668 to 1970. We had a terrific launch party on April 18th!
    • A co-production of STAGE STRUCK: Reclaiming the History of Women in Theatre with the Society for the Preservation of Theatrical History May 19-22.
    • Two invited readings of She Calls Me Firely, written by Women's Work LAB member Teresa Lotz and co-produced with Parity Productions
    • The Women's Work Full-length LAB Mini-Festival of Staged Readings, featuring 2 plays in development and one from the archive, April 17-20
    • Monthly meetings of the WW Full-length and Short Play LABS, supporting 15 female playwrights, all creating powerful new work!
    • Rent and other administrative costs for sustaining our mid-town Manhattan office and studio

    Don't use Pay Pal? Send a check made payable to New Perspectives Theatre Company, 456 West 37 Street, NY, NY 10018. Gifts are 100% tax-deductible.