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In April 2007 New Perspectives received a commission from the City Parks Foundation in association with the CCBR Block Association to develop and present a new play for young people focused on anti-littering and protecting the environment.  The show premiered at Nostrand Avenue Playground in July and was performed again for Morningside Park in September. Now we are pleased to offer this important show to schools for assembly programs!

Rick Balian, award-winning playwright and author of five World Voices shows for NPT has written the script, based on the legend of Robin Hood.   Only this adventure is set in Brooklyn, where Robert Hood is a sanitation worker and his wife Marian runs a recyling plant.  They notice something funny happening in their neighborhood...more and more trash is appearing on the streets!  It turns out there is a plot by the evil developer Joanna Prince, who plans to cover the borough in garbage so that no one will want to live there, and she can buy up all the buildings for a pittance.  With the aid of Robert's trusty friend Florence Tucker, the plan is foiled and everyone learns a valuable lesson about the cost of littering.

In addition to the performance children will also participate in post-show activities designed to strengthen their commitment to keeping the neighborhood clean and free of litter.  These will include a "beat the clock" recycling challenge, a sing-along, and writing exercises that they can share with friends and family.

For information on booking the show for your school or community group, please contact Jenny Greeman, Manager, Youth & Community Programs.