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    NPTC has been extremely fortunate in the quality of young people who have chosen to be interns here over the years. As with all of our programs, these interns come from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse array of interests and experience. In the last few years we have also attracted students of all ages from around the world...including Okinawa, Portugal, Tazmania, France and Germany!

    For more information about our Youth Internship program, please feel free to contact us.

    SUMMER 2012

    Hazel Bonilla is very grateful to be an intern at New Perspectives Theatre Company. As an entering undergraduate at CUNY Brooklyn College, there is absolutely nothing more she loves than theater arts. She became involved in acting in Chelsea Vocational High School through the afterschool program, Epic Theater Ensemble, where she wrote and performed in contemporary Shakespeare plays. After gaining an understanding of theater direction, stage and costume design, sound and lighting, as an alumna of this theater company, Hazel’s curiosity to discover the aspect of theater behind the scenes is endless. She has Engage Scholars Program and New Perspectives Theatre Company to thank for this opportunity.


    Lizzy Gurdus is thrilled to be working as an intern at New Perspectives Theatre Company! As a rising senior at Oyster Bay High School in Long Island, NY, she has discovered her passion for theatre through her participation in various productions as well as her experience directing, writing, and stage managing works at the Summer High School Programs at Columbia University in 2011. Through learning about theatre business and management, she is very excited to expand her horizons and witness the magic of theatre unfold firsthand. She thanks Discovery Internships and New Perspectives Theatre Company for providing her with this amazing experience!

    Maya Moskowitz is very excited to be spending her summer interning at the New Perspectives Theatre Company! As a rising senior drama major at LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, she is enjoying the opportunity to learn about theatre production, playwriting, and how to collaborate on a performance piece. Maya is able to explore her interests of both theatre and social action, as she takes part in the Women’s Work Short Play Festival as a production assistant, and participates in the directors’ rehearsal processes. She is thrilled to have found a theatre company that focuses on performance and activism, and plans to continue to stay involved for future projects!

    SUMMER 2011

    BRIAN KARPAS was a rising senior from a Texas high school, enrolled at a special summer internship program through NYU. 






    SUMMER 2010


    HOLLY HUTCHESON, a New York City native, comes to the New Perspectives Theatre Company as an intern for the month of July.  Holly has been in several productions at her school and is excited to spend her summer learning more about the theatre industry.  Her previous work experience includes being a camp counselor for children going into third grade and several community service projects.  Holly is deeply involved with AIDS Walk New York and for the past 4 years she has raised over $5,000 for each walk.  On the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Holly spent a few days in New Orleans giving out food to those who had been affected by the disaster.  Holly has also worked at soup kitchens in Boston and painted a school in Washington D.C. with D.C. Cares.  At her High School, Holly has been elected into several leadership positions, including: Varsity Swim Co-Captain, Chorus Co-Head, Community Service Board Co-Head and Associate Editor of the 2011 Yearbook.  In September Holly will be starting her senior year at the Nightingale-Bamford School in Manhattan. 

    SUMMER 2010

    FALL 2009


    My expectations were totally different. I thought it was going to be boring just sitting behind a computer. I was wrong. When you have this internship you don't know what you're going to be doing; it can range from anything.  What I liked the most was you were never just sitting around because there was always things to do, events to go to, and people to see.

    Jazmine was a sophomore at the Bronx Lab School on East Gun Hill Road.  She is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, and her passion is Music and Art. 

    Jazmine says "Even though sometimes I may not have the skills to take up on some of these arts, I still love to see, hear, and observe from others. I also strive to learn about interesting subjects I have yet to not know. Figuring and finding out how things work is my niche. Most of my free time I like to practice my guitar. If I am not rocking to the beat of music I am observing my environment with my camera. I also like to paint in my spare time or play around with my dog. I am a very adventurous and active person that loves to reach out and help my community."

    SUMMER 2009

    EMILY CASPARI (Production Intern) As an intern I learned many things. I watched  Shakespeare’s Villains go from rehearsals to a performance for a middle school. A Jersey girl, I managed to find my way around the City while traveling to other theatres or just to the Big Apple Market. Most exciting of all, in just the short month of June, I ran the lights for three shows. For the first show, NPTC’s Apprentice Showcase, I was given the role of stage manager in my first week. I set the stage, was in charge of props, and ran the lights and sound. Later in the month I ran the lights for two shows, Memories of Self: Journey to Weeksville and Square Peg Syndrom’,  both part of NPTC’s Voices from the Edge festival. It was a great experience and I would love to return and work at New Perspectives again!

    Emily was an upcoming senior at the Purnell School, an all girl’s boarding school in central New Jersey, where she is a member of their audition based theatre group ‘ad-libbers’. She worked at New Perspective Theatre Company for the month of June, as a production assistant for the Apprentice Actor Showcase and as stage manager for Voices From the Edge. Drama is an affinity of Emily both on stage and off. She is excited about learning all about the in and outs of working in a professional theatre.


    AMIR ELLIS (Administrative and Production Intern) This internship was quite a great experience. It is a privilege to work with people who enjoy theater. I had a great deal of guidance and support from the staff and other interns. They made you feel like home and a part of their family.  NPTC is a great working environment. You meet so many different people with different backgrounds.  I benefited by watching the performances, sitting in on rehearsals, and learning the “dos” and “don’ts” of theater. By watching the actors and listening to the director’s work, I learned new techniques and skills that might help me become a better performer. travelled all the way from Okinawa, Japan to be working at the New Perspectives Theater Co.  He used to live in Germany where he began his theater career with the U.S. Army. He recently starred as Seymour in the Kubasaki HS production of Little Shop of Horrors.  He was also a participant in the Far East Drama festival. It’s the first time he is far away from home on his own, but he has met many amazing and great people at the company already…and was put to work on his first day here—June 15th!  Amir stayed with NPTC until August 9th, working as stage manager for the work-in-progress production of SAD, MAD, GLAD, BAD among a host of administrative duties.



    ABANOUB REZK (Production Intern). I took a lot from this experience. This is because I never worked in a theatre company before so I learned how to do tech and other various things, including gaining a better understanding and perspective on acting.  I also got to be an assistant stage manager.  I really enjoyed working on the Women's Work Short Play Festival.  It was a great event.  I also learned how much time, effort and patience goes into each and every one of the shows that are put on.  I now want to follow through on my goal of having a career in acting.

    Born in New York City and raised in the South Bronx, Abanoub attened KIPP Academy Charter School. Now, as an alumnus, he is entering his senior year at Church Farm High School in PA.  Kipp to College has offered him many opportunities such as internships and working with companies like New Perspectives. He enjoys attending plays, sports, acting and reading, and plans to attend college for drama/theatre.


    ATHENA ROQUE (Costume Apprentice) served as NPTC's costume apprentice from June 2008 to August 2009! She lives in New York City and after receiving a two-year degree in Fashion from the Art Institute of New York City, she received her BFA in Theatre Design from Binghamton University in 2011. 


    IMANI NIA WILLIAMS (Design Intern) was a theatre major (concentrating in acting and design) and a dance minor at Muhlenberg College. 



    SUMMER 2008

    LINDSEY MARIE MCKITTERICK (Women's Work Lab Assistant) As an intern for the Women’s Work Lab I got to work hand-in-hand with professional playwrights/directors/and actors. I was able to be a part of the developmental process by sitting in on monthly lab meetings. Through this I got to learn some tricks of the trade and really get an in-depth look at the art of playwriting. I was the means of communication between the playwrights, actors, and directors. I was in charge of scheduling rehearsals, putting together contact information, and any other odds and end needed. I hope to work in the theatre someday and working amongst such skilled professionals has definitely prepared me for my future endeavors.

    Lindsey was a senior at Fairfield University, CT, where she studied Television and Theatre.


    MONIQUE ROBINSON (Arts-in-Education Intern) As an intern with the New Perspective Theatre Company I became aware that any tools such as education and performance are gifts which can be used to either privilege others or to hurt and harm. The family of actors, production team, and art administration were an ensemble in every sense of the word and used their gifts to privilege others and create striking art. As an intern, I learned that performance is a craft, an artistry that requires self- discipline and the willingness to be open to collaboration with others.  I thoroughly enjoyed actually feeling as if I was truly apart of the NPT family. Although I was the arts in education intern I was permitted and encouraged to become involved with all aspects of the theater. Being able to participate in the apprentice workshops, attending staff meetings, and assisting in the apprentice auditions, displayed just how much NPT was invested in insuring that my knowledge of the theatre grew. I also enjoyed developing new programs and discovering innovative methods of marketing them.

    Monique was a senior at Smith College, double majoring in Theatre and Government.

    ASHLEY LYNETTE BROWN (Development Intern) attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts from which she graduated in 2010.


    HELEN LARA (General Intern) was a 15-year-old sophomore attending Talent Unlimited High School. She has studied acting, theatre history, Shakespeare and playwriting. Helen spent most of her freshman year studying acting and later on performed a modern version of ANTIGONE. During her sophomore year she focused on Shakespeare and performed a monologue from A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Helena) for a performance competition. She also performed scenes from 12th Night and Macbeth, and wrote her own short play.

    Summer 2007


    Rebecca was a sophomore Design and Technology student at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts while an intern at NPT.  Raised in Brooklyn, she was lucky enough to be exposed to all the different art forms that New York has to offer, especially theatre. By the time she graduated high school she had participated in three high school musicals, one drama, and two one-acts, and regularly worked spotlights and assisted with props at the midnight showings of Rocky Horror in Chelsea. During college Rebecca had classes under working theatre professionals and gained valuable real-life experience in her school’s several performance spaces. She is also interested in art and poetry, and uses every opportunity to participate in creative processes.

    INTERN PROJECTS: From May to August 07, Rebecca worked full time as our design intern, creating a beautiful timeline display of our history for our 15th Anniversary Open House (June 27, 2007), and serving as production designer for THE ADVENTURES OF RUBBISH IN THE HOOD, the newest play in our World Voices series.  Rebecca returned to Philadelphia on August 24th, but before leaving she designed most of the props for THE FALL FROM PARADISE: A Modern Adaptation of an Ancient Sumerian Fable.   This was NPT's offering as part of the (RE)CYCLE PLAY FESTIVAL presented by Confluence Theatre at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens on September 15, 2007. 

    My Experience With New Perspectives Theatre Company by Rebecca Chiappone

    I've been interested in the backstage aspects of theatre ever since I was a little girl, so when it came time for college it seemed fitting to major in Theatre Design and Technology. After my first year at Philadelphia’s UArts, I decided to come home to New York City for the summer and try to find an internship. After going through website after website and sending out resumes, the New Perspectives Theater Company responded to one of my e-mails saying, we would love a summer intern!

    Although I expected to be running errands and doing gofer work, I was secretly hoping for a hands-on, creative, active position. Luckily, at New Perspectives, I got everything I was looking for and more.

    As soon as I got to my first day at work, Melody and Jenny and I sat down to discuss ideas and possibilities for the new children's show we were developing, “The Adventures of Rubbish in the Hood”. That very day, I started designing the backdrop for the show. In my coming weeks at New Perspectives I would be entrusted with important designs and concepts, to the point where I felt less like an intern, and more like a real designer. I never felt like a child who needed supervision, in fact I was given a key to the office so that I could come in and work whenever I needed to. I was also entrusted with designing the Open House event which featured a timeline of all the events, plays, and performances that NPT had been part of, spanning 15 years. Melody guided me and directed me, so that our relationship always felt like that between a director and a designer, never an employee and a boss. When the night of the Open House came around, she even credited me for the work in front of several important people in the theater world. (Photo: Rebecca displays some of the set pieces she helped create for NPT's Young Playwrights Residency for 2nd and 3rd Graders at the Muscota New School/PS314)

    I also helped out a bit with costume arrangement for the Apprentice Showcase, featuring the acting apprentices at NPT. On top of that I also designed costumes and some props for “The Fall From Paradise:  A Modern Adaptation of an Ancient Sumerian Tale”, as part of the Confluence Theater Company’s (re)Cycle Plays.

    Even though I felt like a real designer, I never felt alone in my work. Jenny Greeman and Shykia Fields were just as important to my learning and creating as Melody was. Everyone was very supportive and helpful in every endeavor. No one at New Perspectives was ever forced to do something all alone. I felt like everyone was learning and experiencing every day.

    Not only did I design fun and interesting productions at New Perspectives, I also met a lot of important people, and made great connections. Getting work in the theater world is not just about being talented and ambitious, it’s also about knowing the right people and being able to say, "I've worked with so-and-so". Melody was always looking for ways to give me opportunities to expand my repertoire. She signed me up for a Designer’s Faire where successful New York costume, lighting, and set designers showcased their work. She also told me about ART/New York’s Intern Luncheon series, a weekly event where interns could meet and talk with various professionals in the theater world. These experiences were invaluable to me as an aspiring designer.

    My summer at New Perspectives was one of the most creative, productive, and enlightening experiences I've ever had. Everyone with NPT worked hard and partied hard, too – we often barbequed for lunch, making Shykia and I the best fed interns in the city. Thanks to the NPT family, I've got several great pieces for my portfolio, I've got great connections, and great friends.


    Shykia has a long history with NPT, having done her undergraduate internship at the Pelican Studio Theatre (our former home) in 2004-2005.  After graduating from LIU/Brooklyn, where she was a student of NPT Artistic Director Melody Brooks, Shykia completed her course work for her MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in May '07.  She then returned to NPT for a Summer Production Internship and a Fall Acting Internship to fulfill the final requirements for her MFA. 

    INTERN PROJECTS: As Production Intern, Shykia staged-managed the Apprentice Showcase in June, and helped organize and produce our 15th Anniversary Open House.  She also served as production assistant to a two-week developmental workshop of a new play, FINDING HOME, which was presented as a work-in-progress in October '07 as part of NPT's VOICES FROM THE EDGE Festival.  Shykia performed extensively for NPT in the summer and fall; originating the role of "Florence Tucker" in THE ADVENTURES OF RUBBISH IN THE HOOD; playing God in THE FALL FROM PARADISE; "Lennox" in our 90-minute production of MACBETH for school audiences, and appearing in the Ensemble cast of THE RITUAL, an NPT co-production with Banana Boat Productions in December.


    I walked in to New Perspectives Theatre not knowing I would be given so much responsibility, freedom, and space to do what I love to do. There was no one looking over my shoulder or codling me throughout this process. I was treated as one of the staff members of this company and that is important to me. Being seen as a professional allowed me to claim responsibility for a project and to see my own capabilities. I have done work like this before, but never on this level. Being treated as an equal in this company proved to me that I could handle the real world and it showed me that this is my calling because I am good at what I do.

    I look back at my time here at NPT and I was given many different opportunities such as: seeing a production of Electra at the Classical Theatre of Harlem, attending ART NY Luncheon Seminars (which I am still attending), viewing a production of Romeo and Juliet as part of The Public Theatre Shakespeare in the Park, and getting to meet Austin Pendleton. These were the highlight moments at NPT, and I don’t take any of them for granted. I saw these moments as instances to learn as an actor, as a person who goes to see theatre, and as a chance to network.

    I find myself asking, where do I go from here? What is the next step that I have to take to become the person I envision myself to be in the years to come? I know that as an actor I want to do film/television and theatre. I want all those things that every actor dreams of. I want to be famous, and I want my name to be a household name. However, I don’t want to be an actor that does not make a living from acting. I cannot have my craft become a hobby to me because my work and the art that is performance is too important to me. Being here at NPT has shown me that the work is the most important thing and I will always carry that with me.

    SUSAN MACRAE (PhD student, University of British Columbia – Okanagan)

    Susan came to New Perspectives as an unlikely "intern"...a PhD student and an experienced writer and poet, she was looking for the opportunity to spend time in NYC and investigate the play development process. We were happy to have her present for the workshop process of FINDING HOME, one of the plays presented in Voices from the Edge in October, and look forward to having her visit again next year.

    "I wanted to thank New Perspectives Theater Company for my internship this past summer (2007).  I found the internship experience at NPT to be stimulating, challenging, provocative, and just plain fun.  The theater is located near Times Square and the theater district, so as an intern, I felt I was participating not only in the activities at NPT, but also within the New York theater world.  The people at NPT were welcoming, friendly, and all highly dedicated to their craft.  I would strongly recommend an internship at New Perspectives Theater Company for those seeking an exciting opportunity in the New York City theater world, and for those who are also interested in contributing to ‘new perspectives’ on social justice issues at large." Susan MacRae

    ELIZABETH MOORE (Rutgers University, May - December 2004)

    “My Experience at New Perspectives Theatre Company” (excerpt from a paper submitted to Rutgers Internship Advisor)

    The phrase “theater is labor intensive,” is something that I have found to be very true. While working at New Perspectives Theatre (NPT) from May-December 2004 I experienced a lot more than other interns my age as well other interns in theater. The main reason why I was drawn to NPT was because of its mission statement. I found this to be very interesting because not many theater companies are especially devoted to diversity in theater. Another reason why I was drawn to it was because of its small company; I felt that being a part of something intimate would allow me to learn, hands-on, what is required to develop, rehearse, market and run a play. That is exactly the experience I went through while working at NPT.

    (Photo: Elizabeth Moore, left and Christiana Jackson, another NPT Intern at their Rutgers Graduation)

    When I began working at NPT in May I realized that my life would be different and I also realized that my appreciation for theater would be a lot greater. Melody Brooks, Artistic Director, told me that I would have the opportunity to sit in on rehearsals with the directors of shows to see the process and also see what is required to put up a show by becoming a production assistant. This excited me heavily because I knew that not many of my peers were getting this same experience, so I embraced it with open arms. The first show I assisted on was Lemon Meringue Façade, written and starring Ted Lange. I watched the director, Jackie Alexander, during rehearsals which gave me the insight on directing. I never saw a show rehearsed before; I’ve always seen the finished product. It was amazing to me to see the actors ask questions about anything and have the director answer right away, as if he wrote the script. From this I learned that a good director knows the play better than the playwright and the actor better than the director. For the preview of Lemon Meringue Façade, everyone was a little nervous, anxious and eager, including me. One thing I was very nervous about was whether the audience would find the play funny, so when the show started I took my seat and looked around at the audience’s faces to see if they were laughing. When I did see them laugh I knew that the show would be a success and it was. This play’s opening and closing allowed me to see the hard work and time required to put on a successful show.

    July was a very quiet month at New Perspectives but I was waiting for the next big thing we would be doing because I wanted to be involved somehow. Well, in August, I got my wish. Summer Harvest is a festival designed to introduce the public to works that NPT will be developing over the course of the season. This first festival included: four short pieces that are expected to "grow" over the next several months and two full-length scripts.. This was one of the best times I had at NPT because I was involved in the development of one of the scripts. The script for Les Trois Coups, translated into English by Anne Beaumont, needed a bit of work so Ariel, the Director of New Play Development,  and Anne met together to add some improvements to the play. I was given the privilege to sit in with them on a few occasions, to see what is involved in developing a script. It requires a great knowledge of the characters, their surroundings and the story you wish to tell. They worked very well with each other and it allowed the process to flow smoothly. Whenever they changed something in the script they always asked me if it sounded good, once they even took something I suggested into consideration and when it showed up in the play I was ecstatic. I was also given the privilege of sitting in on two rehearsals for a play called Mommy Says I’m Pretty on the Insides, which was also very exciting. The actress, Lucy Alibar-Harrison, was also the playwright. This could have made the rehearsal process a little rough but in actuality it was great. She was very open to the director and was receptive to me being there too. After they rehearsed a scene Lucy and Ariel, the director, would ask me how everything looked and if the point they were trying to make was clear. Summer Harvest was another look at the work required to develop and run a show.

    In September NPT did another program called Voices From Edge.  The program celebrates new works by African-American writers and performers, all demonstrating the creativity and diverse voices emerging from African-American artists. This was interesting to me because African-American women were given a chance to have their material displayed. My friend, Christiana Jackson, wrote a play a few years ago called I Prefer My Apocalypse Medium Rare. This play was entered into the program (staged reading) and it amazed me because Christiana wasn’t an acclaimed playwright, nothing of hers had been published but still she was given the opportunity to have her play seen. When it came time to cast for her show, I was given the privilege to see the process. She searched through the huge pile of headshots and after she found the ones she thought of as prospects she called them in for auditions. She asked me if I would be willing to help her with the auditions and of course I said yes. When the first actor came in I was just as nervous as him, but I sat there and read with him. I read with a few more actors that day, something else I’ve never done. I also sat in on a rehearsal for this show. When showtime came I felt firsthand how intense and exciting theater can be. One actor didn’t show up on time which meant that I would have had to fill in for him. I don’t know how but I was an option, so of course my nerves were racing. I was really praying that the actor would show up and let me off the hook but it didn’t look good. Just when I was ready to suck it up he showed up and inadvertently rescued me. Voices From the Edge was such a great success and I was honored to be exposed to it.

    The last performance of the year was an Argentinean play, “Visit,” by Ricardo Monti, translated by Jean Graham-Jones and directed by Milton Loayza. I helped with the marketing (even getting to visit the Argentinean Consulate) and then assisted the designer with the building of the set. Painting, drilling and stapling were a few of the things I did; when the set was finished it was so beautiful I felt proud to be a part of it.

    My experience at New Perspectives Theatre was such a positive one. My admiration for Melody Brooks is very high because she is a woman who is devoting her life to theater. In my interview with Melody, she asked me what I planned on doing in the future and I told her directing. She took that into consideration and whenever the opportunity presented itself she allowed me to be present and view different directors and their techniques. I am very appreciative of this because it has helped me with my current directing project and I owe it all to her. I spoke to a few other people about internships and none of them have encountered what I have. I had the experience of a lifetime and am very thankful for the opportunity.